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Fingerprint Lock Screen- Prank


Fingerprint Lock Screen for Galaxy S5 is a funny app and It plays a cool trick to unlock your phone. This fingerprint lock is to have some cheer moments with friends and tell them that you have a real scanner app for authentic access to your android device.==================★ TRICK TO UNLOCK ★==================
★ Place your finger on the thumb scanner panel and scan your finger print, It starts giving you a beep.★ Remove your finger from the fingerprint sensor when 2 Sound`s (2 times BEEP) completes, It will Unlock your phone.★ Your Device will still be locked if it gives you more than 2 Sound`s (BEEP) or less than 2 Sound`s ( BEEP ).★ You can change Number of sounds (Beep) to unlock your device from Settings.★ By default sound is set to 2 times announcement. you can set Number of sounds to unlock your phone as per you need. If you change the Number of sound = 4 , it means that you will have to scan your thumb till 4 times sound announces to unlock.======================================★ FEATURES OF FINGERPRINT LOCK SCREEN ★======================================
★ Incredible sound effects at Locking & Unlocking time★ HD Wallpapers and real looking finger prints animation★ Vibrates on Unlocking time★ On screen Digital Clock which shows Date & Time ★ On screen Network operator and Battery strength★ Turns your phone in to a dashing look of Galaxy S5★ Compatible with 99% devices and Supports android 2.3 + Versions
=============================★ IMPORTANT NOTES FOR USERS ★=============================
Digital Finger print Lockscreen neither scans your fingerprint nor uses biometric and is not for security purposes. you can have fun with your friends using this Fingerprint Lock Screen . We have added some adds to support our developer team in setting.★★ We have tested this fingerprint lock screen on Galaxy S4, Note 5, Moto G & HTC one ★★
==============★ DISCLAIMER ★==============
This app is neither affiliated nor endorsed by Samsung & Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
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